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Avoiding the Useful

Here is my final analysis on my study of Meier's views on Gravity:

  • His "contact" skirts the question of how the propulsion system of UFOs works:
    • "Billy
      This is very interesting, but I did not suspect that all comets resulted in the manner you mentioned. But how does such a hyperdrive work, and what about the normal drive?
      56. I am not at liberty to give you specifics on this, unfortunately."
  • Wendelle Stevens, a Meier devotee, translated a bunch of Meier's notes and summarized them. The appendix includes the date on which the recordings were written down, most of them in 1975. Of interest is chapter 10, the last part of which is about physics. Here are some choice quotes:
    • The usual contactee nonsense -> "The atom is not of pure material nature, but an intermediate thing between course-material matter and the energy of the spirit. This is a seven-fold synthesis of matter." (On atomic structure.)
    • "Onboard beamships, their beam protection screen causes all penetrating resistance to be diverted. This technique also neutralizes the gravitational forces of a planet" (On Gravity)
    • "The cause for gravity is related to the warmth of the planet in relation to the cold of space. In addition, the density of the planet and its atmosphere, are also important factors for gravity and anti-gravity. Nothing more is permitted to be revealed."(bold mine, Meier on Gravity)
    • Again, Wendelle reiterates that "The Plejarens are not allowed to reveal details about the hyper drive or the normal drive. [snip] But, earthly scientists will soon solve these problems. They have rough drawings of devices known as light-emitting drives and tachyon drives." (On Hyperdrives Meier apparently kept up with science literature.)
  • More avoiding anything useful (Contact 20):
    • Billy:
      Exactly. – But now, I have here another question: Anti-gravity – Semjase once told me that both heat and cold are connected with it.
      37. That is quite right, but not to be regarded as general.
      38. Heat and cold play a role only in the way that through these, electric energy, i.e. electromagnetic energy, is produced, from which then, among other things, anti-gravity arises through certain processes.
      Can or may you explain that in more detail?
      39. No, for the time still isn’t ripe for that.
  • Information on Neutrino's and "Telonin" particles which is more nonsense, for example "But exactly this neutrino is very difficult to isolate, which is however very good, because then the Earth human would today be capable of doing this, and then he would do this, and thereby unfailingly and irretrievably destroy the entire universe if he namely employed this neutrino under certain prerequisites." (bold mine)


Unlike Fry who, for the most part, presents a coherent framework about physics that leads to testable predictions, Meier avoids answering any hard questions about how the "beamships" function. The glimpses we do get of Meier and/or the ideas from his "contacts" about physics are muddle and strewn with the usual nonsense found among most contactees.


Meier's reports concerning physics and gravity control are useless.


The only physics information I have found is in a video made by Randy Winters (youtube) Winters says he will mention a link to his site in the video but doesn't.. To summarize the clip, electrons create a vacuum over the ship and three capacitors around the base of the ship provide propulsion after it gets off the ground. Both "systems" need electrons, but apparently it works just fine in the hard vacuum of space (ugh). Not gravity control apparently... Very Adamski like in it's description, which isn't surprising, given Meier apparently met Adamski before Meier started up his own "contact" (Good Meier backgrounder here, written from the skeptical side). Winters is a solid source for Meier stuff because he has a more casual attitude about the data, has spent months directly with Meier and his FIGU group and years studying the stuff.

The only source material I can find is a wiki (sigh) that translates all the contact reports of Meier line by line:

One of the biggest problems with doing any research into Meier is the sheer volume and at times, it isn't clear who is doing the talking, Meier or the alien.

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