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Welcome to Sean Donovan's Curvity experiment page!

Below are links to pages where each of the experiments are documented. The first series, A0, B0 and C0 were not related to Curvity but so-called "inertial propulsion" experiments. They are here for completeness and to show the false trails I followed before finding Curvity.

  • Experiment A0 through B2' - Fall 2001 - These experiments attempted to reproduce David Cowlishaw's Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster (GIT).[1].
  • C0 through to C1 - 2002 to 2003 - I had by this time read Daniel Fry's story but was still gathering evidence it was worth investigating. In the meantime I looked at the, then, more promising "inertial propulsion" research done by Eric Laithwaite and funded by William Dawson.
  • D0 - Summer 2005 - This experiment was never built but was my first attempt at an experiment to find evidence for Curvity. The descriptions of Curvity also show my early (mis)understanding about how Curvity worked.
  • E0 - Spring & Summer 2006 - Unsuccessful reproduction of the "Stavros" experiment closely following Jean-Louise Naudin example.
  • F-Zero - Summer 2007 - A true resonating cavity built from a commercial grade microwave oven.
  • G-Zero - 2009 - Shawyer cavity reproduction.

  1. Cowlishaw's original site was on the now defunct ISP. All the mirrors are slowing dying too.