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This section contains excerpts from Daniel's story that are false but don't warrant a page of their own.

  • "We note that this fusion or joining together of nuclear particles may occur in a number of ways, but in every case where the resultant nucleus has a mass smaller than the mass of the atom of silver, large quantities of heat will be released as a result of the combination." [1]

Nuclear fusion in the Sun does not yield energy up to the silver atom. It has been established that the binding energy curve peaks around iron, which is nowhere near silver in the periodic table.

  • "If they were capable of thinking in simpler terms, they could, with the knowledge which they now possess, construct a simple thermopile about the fission pile and convert the resulting temperature gradient directly into electric energy with an efficiency of at least ninety-four to ninety-eight per cent, with no moving parts, at a smaller cost, and considerably less mass per unit of energy output." [2]

This quote was removed from the 1966 and 1992 editions of WSI because there are thermodynamic reasons an efficiency close to %100 isn't possible. Some energy is always lost as heat entropy.