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Unsubstantiated Statements

"Flying Saucers Have Landed", Desmond Leslie and George Adamski, 1953
George Adamski was the best known contactee of the period and from Adamski's story, first published in "Flying Saucers Have Landed" (1953, D. Leslie, G. Adamski) are selections he says he got from the alien.

1. The aliens were from Venus (or other planets), quote: "Now he understood perfectly [the alien], and smiling broadly he pointed to the sun; made one orbit, made the second, then touching himself with his left hand, he gestured several times with his right index finger toward the second orbit. I [Adamski] took this to mean that the second planet [Venus] was his home..." (page 197, 198 "Flying Saucers Have Landed", 1953, D. Leslie and G. Adamski)

During the 1950s when Adamski wrote the story, Venus was considered a good candidate to harbor life because it shares a lot of similarities to earth, for example Venus is 95% the size of earth, has a close orbit and is obscured by clouds. It wasn't until the first spacecraft to successfully visit Venus, Mariner 2, in 1962 that much was known about the planet and today we know Venus to be completely dead for a lot of good reasons:
  • The atmosphere is made up of %96 carbon dioxide, has clouds filled with sulfuric acid and an oxygen content of less then %0.02!
    • But Adamski's aliens apparently had no trouble breathing our air.
  • The atmospheric pressure at the surface is 92 times that of the Earth's at sea-level
    • Even if the aliens had technology that made the air breathable and got water from somewhere, to survive that amount of pressure, they would have to be built like turtles and not, as Adamski describes them as "weighed .. about 135 pounds".
  • Venus has a surface temperature of about 482° C (900° F). The high temperature is primarily due to a runaway greenhouse effect caused by the heavy atmosphere of carbon dioxide and makes Venus even hotter than Mercury which is closer to the Sun!
    • Again, we can't surmise the technology ability of the aliens, but it does not seem plausible that if they had the technology to fly between worlds, that they would intentionally pick such an inhospitable place to live.

2. The ship operated by magnetic repulsion in the atmosphere - quote, "Then I asked, 'How does your ship operate?' ... After a short time of doing this, he answered me, even repeating the word 'magnetic' which I had already spoken a number of times." (page 200, ditto)

Other people have looked into the possibility that UFOs use magnetic fields for propulsion, but, besides Earth's magnetic field being 10,000 times less powerful then a fridge magnet, there are other problems as outlined by Paul Hill, a well-respected NASA scientist who studied the UFO phenomenon for twenty-five years. From his book, "Unconventional Flying Objects, A Scientific Analysis" published in 1995, he states:
"Many years ago several self-styled UFO experts said that UFOs propel themselves by generating a strong magnetic field which pushes against the earth's magnetic field. The public seems not to have forgotten this. Clearly this could not be true for at least two reasons.... One reason is that the earth's magnetic field runs parallel to the earth's surface only in the equatorial regions. If we think of the magnetic field in terms of the field lines and follow along a field line going north in the northern hemisphere, we find that the line loses altitude rapidly and plunges into the earth on an incline. This effect is called the magnetic dip. The dip occurs in the southern hemisphere also. The force between the UFO, treated as a strong magnet, and the earth-field lines can only be perpendicular to those field lines. This relationship wouldn't be entirely perfect as the earth-field lines would sag under a heavy load, but the dip would remain. The UFO would be like a toboggan pointed down an icy hill. This is a good analogy because the force between the toboggan and the ice surface is also normal. The UFO, attempting to hover, slides down the field line until it strikes the earth. It can't hover."
"The second reason: If the UFO turns on more magnetic repulsion, it can stop the fall, but with more force only by gaining more velocity toward the pole." (page 115 - 116)

The result cannot be any clearer, UFOs are not propelled by magnetic repulsion. This isn't to say there are no magnetic effects around UFOs because any moving electric current produces a magnetic field, but these magnetic effects are not the primary method of propulsion.

3. There are aliens on all the planets in our solar system - "Then more specifically, I inquired how many [planets were inhabited] in our system? He made a large circle with his hand and covered it with a sweeping motion, as if meaning that all of them were. I wondered whether I understood him correctly, and he made me realize quite firmly that I did." (page 203)

The modern day evidence has not borne out Adamski's story because no other living life, not even microscopic bacteria, have been found on any other planet.

An interesting difference between Daniel's story and Adamski is that Adamski frequently recited his own opinions when he talked with the alien, for example Adamski opinion was that:

"Despite the conclusion of the most 'orthodox' scientists, it has always seemed to me [Adamski] a fallacy to believe that other planets are not the home of intelligent beings even as is our Earth.".

In contrast, Daniel didn't lead with assertions "confirmed" by the alien. Adamski's ideas also do not make much sense, for example:

"I [Adamski] believe space problems and water problems are very similar in respect to travelling through them. Water is but gasses in liquid form. Space is composed of gasses in free state." (page 209) or "It is my belief that men on other planets -- more versed in the universal laws -- have learned and are using these laws for practical purposes." (page 206).

In contrast, Daniel's frequently tested his experience for validity, for example when he is rising out of the atmosphere, he asks the pilot "What happened to the moon? It was just coming up when I entered your ship, and it must be somewhere in the sky, but everything looks so dark outside." or later, he returns to the site to confirm his footprints were really there.

Story Variations

Another test to check if Adamski fabricated his story is to see if he could keep it straight over the years and unfortunately he failed miserably. One example is in his 1953 book "Flying Saucers Have Landed", where he writes:

"I [Adamski] believe space problems and water problems are very similar in respect to travelling through them. Water is but gasses in liquid form. Space is composed of gasses in free state." (page 209)

In 1961, he then later wrote that it was now the "alien" who had made such a statement:

"Actually, there is not so much difference between a ship that goes under water and one that travels through outer space, except that our ships are propelled by natural power, while yours are dependent on artificial forms of power." ["Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery", George Adamski, 1961, pg 62]

The "alien" in this case is obviously Adamski, who has forgotten he was the one who first suggested the idea that space travel was like traveling under water.

Previously Wrote Science Fiction

Adamski also wrote a science fiction book called "Pioneer's in Space: A Trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus" in 1949 before his supposed contact and the similarities between his story and subsequent "contact" are very close. For example, in his fictional story, he described a large cigar shaped craft and went on visits to the Moon, Venus and Mars where he also had a banquet. In contrast, Daniel had no previous publishing history and stated he did not read science fiction as a pass time. After Adamski failed at writing science fiction, he took what was a real phenomenon, UFOs, and held that his fictional account was a true contact. Like many other contactees he was a frequent UFO watcher before his supposed contact and admitted that "I had many times entertained dreams of actually meeting the personnel of some of the craft I had been clicking my camera at for several years" (pg 191, "Flying Saucers Have Landed"). In contrast, Daniel didn't think much of the UFO phenomenon until his experience.

Here is a review of the book that speaks volumes:

This is the long-lost science fiction novel published by George Adamski in 1949. It was privately printed by a vanity press, and probably less than 50 copies were run off for distribution to the members of Adamski's cult. The text here has been crudely scanned and not proofread, so there are typically about 3 to 4 gross typographical errors or garbled words per sentence. In addition to the novel (about 200 pages), you get an article on flying saucer photos he wrote for FATE Magazine circa 1951, an early newspaper writeup on Adamski's grandiose plans for an earlier cult (1934), and some handout material for that cult, the Royal Order of Tibet.

Well, what we have here isn't really a novel because Adamski has not the vaguest concept of how to tell a story. Basically four people (Bob, Johnny, George and Dr. Johnston) travel to the moon in what appears to be an airplane. One of these four is the narrator, but it doesn't ever dawn on Adamski that he has to identify who the narrator is--- probably Johnny, because he is seldom mentioned by name subsequently. The text is almost completely unreadable; sentences make no sense, the tense keeps shifting randomly, and once our heroes encounter a human civilization on the moon, in daily communication with human civilizations on all the other planets of our solar system, we very quickly have nothing more than a seemingly endless series of absolutely incoherent lectures by various "scientists" and "leaders" of the moon, Mars and Venus, on how spiritually advanced they are and how primitive and unGodly men from earth are by contrast. The teachings seem to be a senseless blend of Theosophy and fundamentalist Christianity... a blend unique to California in the 1920s and 1930s, as exemplified by Alice Bailey's "Arcane School" and the I AM cult led by Guy and Edna Ballard.

My favorite thing is that whenever our heroes go into any building or office on the moon, Mars or Venus they find a large framed photograph of God himself, attired in a dazzling uniform and sitting on a really impressive throne! It's also interesting that Adamski's concept of the men of other planets is based on astrology: the Venusians are godlike lovers of all things, the Martians are great engineers, the natives of Jupiter are "law-interpreters," the natives of Saturn are "Judges," etc., etc.

There is no plot, no characterization, no imagination, no thought, and no authorial intelligence revealed anywhere on any page of this novel, which had previously been resoundingly rejected for publication by Ray Palmer, the editor of the science fiction pulp AMAZING. Adamski is not only completely ignorant of any field of science, he doesn't even know basic descriptive astronomy.

When newscaster Frank Edwards revealed the existence of this novel in 1967, he considered it a death-blow to Adamski's claims (circa 1952 - 1960) of being carried to the moon, Mars and Venus in person by friendly Space Brothers, as a passenger aboard their flying saucers, since it is clear if you examine Adamski's supposedly non-fictional INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS (1955) that he adapted the last half of his novel, almost verbatim in many places. By the way, there is no mention whatsoever within the novel of flying saucers. The extraterrestrials travel about on cigar-shaped wingless craft that appear to operate as large airplanes, rather than as space ships.

Curiosity led me to read the book, but I don't expect to pick it up ever again. [1]

Absurd Material

Adamski's books are also filled with absurd material, for example:

"... Nature works on the principle of one and one adding up to three. The positive and negative, brought together in relationship, result in an effect... the third part of the equation, the offspring, in which a certain percentage of the original two primal forces has been maintained." [page 19, "Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery", George Adamski, 1961]

If that is not completely unintelligible, it doesn't get much better:

"In other words, the offspring has the benefit of its parents within itself. Were it not for the operation of this Law, there would be no food to eat, nor continuance of life of any kind. The Cosmic principle of mathematics takes us from one to nine but does not go into numbers, plus nothing. ... No where in Nature can inactivity or a state of nothingingness exist, as represented by the zero. Thus there is no 10, 20, etc. in Natural Law. ... Because of our introduction of zero, or 'nothing' into our mathematical systems, it may take many years before we learn to think in Cosmic mathematical terms." [page 20, ditto]

Huh? In contrast, the information in Fry's story usually starts from what is known, for example:

"Another clue which your Dr. Einstein brought to light through abstract mathematical reasoning was that, as a body of matter increases velocity, its dimension decreases in the direction of motion." [ page 29, "They Rode in Space Ships"]

Adamski's grasp of basic physics is nonexistent, for example:

"Planetary gravity is the natural balance between the centrifugal force of a planet's axial velocity and the centripetal attraction of its electrostatic field. Centrifugal force tries to spin an object from the planet's surface, but electrostatic attraction keeps the object from flying into space." [page 31, "Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery", George Adamski, 1961]

An electrostatic field exists when two nearby objects have different electrical charges and can also form around any single object that is electrically charged with respect to its environment. An example of an electrostatic field is one generated when a balloon is rubbed against fur and that force is what holds us to earth? No, gravity does.

However, Adamski was not as technical as Daniel and it is possible he didn't understand the details as described to him. Even so, Adamski made other, more easily checked assertions that are blatantly false, for example, from "Inside the Flying Saucers", Adamski is told specific details about our moon by an alien, "Zuhl":

"The side of the Moon which you can see from your planet is quite comparable to your desert areas on Earth. It is hot..."
"There is beautiful strip or section around the center of the Moon in which vegetation, trees and animals thrive and in which people live in comfort."
"Any body in space, whether hot or cold, must have a kind of atmosphere..." [All quotes are from pages 118 -119, "Inside the Flying Saucer"]

These statements are all clearly false.

One of Adamski's sycophants said in a preface "That Adamski possesses more wisdom then formal education is, in his case, an asset, leaving him free of the fetters which too often shackle the academic mind." [pg 8, "Inside the Flying Saucer"] Apparently Adamski was free even from the shackles of reality.

Incoherent Gravity Control Mechanisms

In trying to compare stories, Adamski is rarely coherent about how the flying saucers are propelled, for example, below are some of the many examples and the quotes are all taken from only two books and within a few pages of each other:

"To understand more clearly the magnetic propulsion of interplanetary spacecraft, we must first consider geomagnetism, the magnetic sphere of influence which surrounds every planet and every sun, filling all space." [page 29, "Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery"]
"Space ships that today are visiting our world from other planets operate on a 'pro-gravitic' principle, using the natural forces, ...Since these ships operate on electrostatic power, it would be useless for them to fight the geomagnetic forces,..." [page 31, "Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery"]
"A flying saucer, or 'pro-gravitic' craft, operates by generating its own gravitational field, which surrounds it in a generally spherical pattern. This field adjusted to resonate, or blend in harmony with the planet's geomagnetic field." [page 33, "Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery"]
"... saucers travel along the planet's geomagnetic lines of force. They turn abruptly by shifting the ball-charge. In this way they are guided into and utilize the eddy currents found through-out space." [page 34, "Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery"]
"Later I was told that this was the magnetic pole of the ship, by means of which they drew on Nature's forces for propulsion purposes, but they did not explain how this was done." [pg 37, "Inside the Flying Saucers" Adamski, 1955]
"Actually, there is not so much difference between a ship that goes under water and one that travels through outer space, except that our ships are propelled by natural power, while yours are dependent on artificial forms of power." [pg 62, "Inside the Flying Saucers" Adamski, 1955]
"But we do not 'fly' as you mean it. We nullify the atmosphere by a mechanical procedure. You express it as 'suspending gravity.' " [page 66, "Inside the Flying Saucers" Adamski, 1955]

Adamski's description of the ship's propulsion varies from "magnetic propulsion", followed by a "pro-gravitic principle" using "natural forces", then "generating its own gravitational field" followed by "geomagnetic lines of force" finally ending with an unclear statement about how they "nullify the atmosphere by a mechanical procedure". Are any of the terms defined, or any attempt made to draw connections with what we already know in physics? No. In contrast, the physics in Daniel's story, when taken in it's complete form, is an internally consistent and testable theory.

Period Movie References

Adamski's alien crafts also have a large number of earth-like features taken right from 1950 science fiction movies, for example:

Seatbelts - "When we were seated, a small flexible bar fell into place across our middles. ... Its purpose was obvious -- a simple safety device to prevent falling forward or losing balance." [page 37, "Inside the Space Ships", Adamski, 1955]
  • Perhaps, a bar like this one in the 1951 science fiction movie "When Worlds Collide" shown to wide audiences a year before Adamski had his supposed contact?
"When  Worlds Collide", 1951 science fiction movie with a bar across the  mid-section in their spaceship
Periscopes - "Firkon corroborated my unspoken guess as to its use by saying, 'Yes, this is a periscope, something like those used on your submarines.' " [page 39, ditto]
Colored Servants - "Here the Scout stopped, and the door instantly slid open. ... I saw a man standing outside ... I noticed he was of a darker complexion than any of the space people I had seen....Black hair showed from under a dark, beret-type cap. ... The man in the beret smiled and nodded to each of us as we stepped off the platform, but no words were exchanged." [pg 44, ditto]
  • Perhaps a sliding door like the one from Klattu's alien ship in the 1951 movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still", shown before Adamski went public?
Battery cables - "The [same colored servant] on the platform had already slipped the clamp attached to the cable over the flange of the Scout so that it contacted both the flange and the rail beneath. I had no idea how this recharging operation was performed; to me the clamp looked much like a machinist's large clamp used on Earth." [page 45, ditto]
Push Button control - "I was struck by the fact that all the instruments I had so far seen throughout the ship appeared to be operated by push-buttons." [page 59, ditto]
  • Push button controls like this scene, also inside Klattu's alien ship, again shown before Adamski went public.
"When   Worlds Collide", 1951 science fiction movie push button controls


Adamski's story is a bad copy of a 1950s science fiction movie.

To conclude, I started out with the intent to compare the evidence supporting both stories, but in the end, the evidence supporting Adamski's story is so rife with falsehoods that the only conclusion is that the story is fabricated.

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