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Most major transitions in physics have occurred when enough experimental evidence starts to surface which existing theories cannot explain. For instance, Relativity was born out of a conflict between the evidence supporting Maxwell's equations and Newtonian physics. Current day physics specifically Relativity, has now entered a similar phase because it is not compatible with the experimentally verified Quantum Mechanics. Relativity also inadequately describes Dark Energy, Dark Matter and other peculiarities in Cosmology, for example what drove Alan Guth's Inflation after the Big Bang. Curvity, defined as the physics described by Daniel Fry, holds the possibility of explaining what previous theories cannot.

If Curvity is a true model of the universe, then before it will be considered by modern science, it must have experiments done which produce expected results and are repeatable. There are many possible experiments, however, the most important and sensational one is the ability to control gravity. The experiments documented here are an attempt to take Curvity from theory to application.

Unfortunately, Daniel Fry related three different ways to control gravity which are outlined below. After each, I discuss the plausibility:

"… we can produce a field which is in opposition or in conjunction with any magnetic field through which we wish to travel. This also gives us control of the attitude of the craft with respect to the given field.

All bodies of matter, which are in motion, have magnetic fields about them for the reason just given: that all matter contains electrons and all electrons in motion produce magnetic fields. The magnetic field of your Earth is very weak in proportion to it's gravitational field and it may be difficult for you to understand how acceleration against a strong field can be produced by opposition to a weak one. Just remember what happens when you bring together the 'like' or opposing poles of two 'permanent' magnets, how the lines of force are pushed outward almost perpendicular to their normal position. So the field of the craft fans outward until it intersects sufficient lines of the Earth's field to produce the required repulsion."[1]

Analysis: This is the least plausible explanation because it has neither been supported by theory nor experimentation. Paul Hill, a well known UFO propulsion researcher, in his book[2], clearly shows that using Earth’s magnetic lines will not work because they enter the Earth. You can find details in the Adamski blog entry on DFDC under point number two.

The second explanation is:

"… we can produce a field which oscillates in a pattern of precisely controlled modes. In this way we can create magnetic resonance between the two rings, or between several segments of a single ring. As you also know, any magnetic field which is changing in intensity will create an electric field which, at any given instant is equal in amplitude, opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated. The effect is similar to, and in fact, identical with a gravitational field. If the center of the field coincides with the craft's center of gravity, its only effect will be to increase the inertia or the mass of the craft.

If the center of gravity does not coincide with the center of force, the craft will begin to accelerate toward that center. Since the system which creates the field is part of the ship, it will of course, move with the ship, and without interruption it will continue constantly to generate a field whose center of attraction is just ahead of the ship's center of gravity, so the ship will continue to accelerate so long as the field is generated.

To slow or stop the craft, the controls are adjusted so that the field is generated just behind the center of gravity so that negative acceleration will result."[3]

Analysis: This explanation is the more likely description because it more closely resembles the description of the ship and makes sense if Curvity is understood. It is also reiterated by Daniel in other books and in different ways.

Third way:

"The resulting field which was created by the rapid counter rotation of two powerful charges about the periphery of the craft, it was not explained how those charges were created or how they were caused to rotate. That there were two charges and they rotated in counter rotation. They were the same charge, same sign, and if the charge were positive, the field created was in opposition to the gravitational field. If it was negative, it was in conjunction with the gravitational field." [4]

Analysis: It is unclear how this explanation fits into Curvity and it is left as an avenue to explore.


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