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Wiki No Longer Valid

Visit for all the content that was in this wiki.

Welcome to the Curvity Wiki

What: Curvity is an arbitrary name for the physics as described in the story written by Daniel Fry, an alien contactee, specifically in his books Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding, Steps to the Stars and They Rode in Space Ships. Curvity is the idea that the laws of physics are curved and can not only reach zero, but go negative and a good place to start is to read the Introduction to Curvity.

Who: The wiki is run by Sean Donovan, who is also responsible for the parent website, Daniel Fry Dot Com and is author of "Contactee - Was Daniel W. Fry telling the Truth?". The book contains not only all of Daniel Fry's story in one place for the first time, but the extensive research carried out to validate it and a biography. The research into Fry's story is split into two parts, physics covered here and a part only covered in the book, pre-history. In any evaluation of the Curvity source material, it is important to understand the context from which it came, which is why the biography exists.

Sean Donovan also blogs and does so because:

... if the path leads to success, history will know the truth, or if frustration, the next individual won't have to reproduce everything. The blog is also a way for others to find out about me and to use that as part of their judgment of the research.

Why: This is a research wiki, which means, unlike Wikipedia, it is a place to present original research for and against Curvity. New data is always being discovered and this wiki will document all the changes that have occurred after the book is published.

Curvity, the name, was chosen because it is short, related to Relativity and it's meaning is close to the core idea of the physics described in Fry's books. The name suggested by Fry/Alan, i.e. "Curved Natural Law", was not used because the physics is not natural, nor a law.

There is an associated development blog here.

How: The goal of this wiki, which can be edited by anybody, is to not allow the desire to believe it is true override the evidence it is false. Any additions which do not follow the methodology will be removed.

When: A brief chronology is constantly being updated on the Timeline page.

Future Projects and Funding

I am now 45 years old.

I started this project when I was 28 and spent the next ten years working on Curvity and the book, Contactee. I have made pennies on the tens of thousands of dollars of time and money invested, and worse, suffered the opportunity cost that came about because I wasn't building a career. At my age, I could have been making six figures as an engineer from the computer engineering degree I have. I recognized when I started this project that the chances of finding a wide audience, or more importantly, seeing some of the contents of the story verified, were spotty at best. I don't regret it.

I am now at the stage in my life where I need to make a decision. If I want to retire in 15 years and live with a standard of living higher than a grad student, I need to make more money. I either chase an IT career or DFDC has to pay. The response to Daniel Fry Dot Com and Curvity have been mute. I sell a couple books a year which doesn't even cover the hosting costs, which are low but unfortunately climbing. I also keep improving the technology behind the website, going from TYPO3 to Wordpress, from regular hosting to SSD (Solid State Drives) with a CDN (Cloudflare's Content Distribution Network) and encryption.

I have two big projects that could be successful (IOTW get the word out and make money):

  • A Curvity presentation for UFO Conferences - There is a great story here and it needs an "Inconvenient Truth" treatment to bring it to life, complete with video, slides, etc.
  • Use blockchain technology to make copies of Contactee unique and more importantly, the vast array of existing Daniel Fry artifacts and books.
    • The idea is simple - If any part of Fry's work is true, the existing artifacts are going to be worth money and a great way to maintain that value is to protect it with blockchain technology. Every artifact would get a unique identifier that could be bought and sold and DFDC would control and foster that market.

There are also a few smaller projects that need completing:

  • Clean up this wiki - there are lots of old pages and information that is out of date and clearly wrong, that needs to be cleaned up
  • Release the second edition of Contactee - there are a lot of changes, mostly made by Scourge that need to be merged in the Contactee master and re-released.
    • And release the 2nd edition of "The Complete White Sands Incident" to add a few missing pieces.

All of these projects take time.

If Alan and his crew really exist (Hello light bulb!) and they spent all that effort coming here to spread the word, then what is it to them to find a pot of unused or badly used money on this grubby little planet and send some to me. Of course, plausible deniability is important apparently, so I offer an untraceable and untaxable bitcoin address.

Donation address for sending bitcoins

Should I receive significant funding, I will complete all the projects above, and hopefully find reoccurring revenue from giving talks at UFO conferences, which will mean that people are finding the story interesting.

Or, I kick my latent but boring IT career into high gear.

Getting Started

Introduction to Curvity


Before adding your own interpretation, please read the methodology page first because any mention of Adamski, Element 115, Viktor Schauberger, or similar nonsense will get the edits reverted.

The following pages are extensions or speculation based on the core ideas of Curvity and are not necessarily valid. These pages are an attempt to clarify and compare Curvity.


Evidence For

Evidence Against

Comparison to Other Contactees



What exactly is a "Resonating Electromagnetic Wave"

Links to

Personal Note

This website is an experiment in a method to determine truth and it is my hope that it will attract the best evidence, for and against. The vision for this research wiki is that it will attract competent individuals to evaluate Curvity and that their contributions, either for or against, will be accurately attributed. If Curvity is true, then any contributor can have a long-term impact on the future of our civilization and be remembered for it. If Curvity is not true, then contributors will be remembered by all those who come after them, for their diligence in providing clear evidence Curvity is false. This site will make sure that work is not duplicated, and like each providing a rung of a ladder, we can hasten our climb to the top.

Copyright and Notes

  • Please note that unless otherwise stated, any original research presented on this site is covered under the Creative Commons License.
  • The Curvity wiki can handle Tex Markup which can generate equations like this:

\sum_{n=0}^\infty \frac{x^n}{n!}

  1. Use reflist at the bottom of the page for references