Playing FLV files

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First, convert and host your FLV file somewhere. Then on a wiki page, invoke the <dhflashplayer> using the following attributes:

Attribute Reference

  • file = file name with extension (e.g. "snake.swf")
  • width = width of the movie in px (e.g. "150")
  • height = height of the movie in px (e.g. "80")
  • path = full path of the movie file (e.g. "")
  • charset = charset used by the feed (e.g. "utf-8")
  • flashvars = Flash variables to pass to the flash player (e.g. "&showdigits=true&autostart=true&image="). Must include the ampersands!!
  • more_then_one = If you want to put more then one video on one page, set this to true or 1. It will then leave out the second call to the SWFObject.js file


Bare minimum:

With flash variables and only one video player on the page, use something like:

With more then one video on the page, the extra players on the same page should use the following code:

Below is an example: <dhflashplayer>file=DMtest188_480x360.flv|width=480|height=360|path=</dhflashplayer>