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As time passes, it creates a better perspective on past events that have made the analysis of Daniel's story possible. As with any research there are many people who contribute to the final conclusion and here is a place to record when their contributions took place.

Important Events for Curvity

Note: The format of the references starts with the date of the event, followed by the discovery (if relevant), followed by a brief description of the event.

  • 1995 - "Unconventional Flying Objects" is published after the death of Paul R. Hill - The best scientific study into the propulsion mechanism of UFOs to date.
  • 1998 - Supernova results came back giving the first evidence for Dark Energy.
  • 1998, Fall, Scourge notices Dark Energy matches Curvity.
  • 1999, Fall, Sean - hired by HotHaus Technologies which was eventually be bought out by Broadcom, a US company.
  • 2000 - Roger Shawyer starts research into the affects of resonating EM waves.
  • 2001, Sean - Enough data on "Black Triangle" UFOs accumulates to convince me gravity control is possible.
  • 2001, March - Firestone and Topping publish their "Terrestrial Evidence Of A Nuclear Catastrophe In Paleoindian Times"
  • 2001, August, Sean - Because of the internet bubble bursting, I took the opportunity to do gravity research full time.
  • 2001, November, Sean - I read Daniel's story for the first time in "They Rode in Space Ships", which contains his complete story, physics included.
  • 2002, April, Sean - I read about Dark Energy for the first time.
  • 2002, December, Sean - Finish up Laithwaite work and switch over to full-time research into Daniel's story.
  • 2003, September - Found Eric Erpelding buying DF items on eBay and invited him to help.
  • 2003, December, Sean - Creates Daniel Fry Dot Com (DFDC)
  • 2003 February - Daniel's last wife died, leaving his estate to friends happy to get rid of his stuff.
  • 2003 - Results from WMAP came back that confirm Dark Energy is real.
  • 2004 - Internet has reached first stage of maturity where enough information is indexed by search engine tools to make it the research tool of choice.
  • 2004, April - DFDC goes public.
  • 2004, May, Sean - Discovers papers on Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) and their relation to Curvity.
  • 2004, November, Sean - Discovers papers that describe the size of black holes is directly proportional to sigma or the speed at which stars orbit the centre. Curvity gets named.
  • 2004, December, Sean - Discovers the "cargo carrier" is a big waveguide.
  • 2005, April, Sean - Discovers papers on Alan Guth's Inflation theory and connections to Curvity
  • 2005, May, Sean - Discovers papers on stars that are too close to black holes
  • 2005, June, Sean - Travelled to California, Oregon and Alamogordo, New Mexico to visit Daniel Fry's children and acquaintances [Trip Itinerary ].
  • 2006 - Firestone and West publish "Cycles of Catastrophe" which would eventually close the case on Daniel's Atlantis story.
  • 2006, September, Sean - Discover a precedence for parts of Daniel's story in early science fiction books.
  • 2007, April, Sean - Finish first draft of book
  • 2007, May 13th, Sean - Discovers Shawyer has published video of his cavity clearly producing thrust.
  • 2007, June, Sean - start my own experiments with enclosed cavities.
  • 2007, July, Sean - Starts Curvity.org & Discovers papers on M82 and Virgo H21 galaxies.
  • 2007, September, Sean - First copper cavity comes to naught.
  • 2007, October, Sean - Levitee is chosen as the name for the flying car company
  • 2007, November, Sean - Made contact with Scourge and Dr. Karumudi for the first time
  • 2008, March, Scourge - Scourge finds what would be called the Scourge Contradiction.
  • 2008, April, Sean - Looks like Boyd's Light experiment can be cleanly explained by Curvity.
  • 2008, July, Sean - Shock Metamorphism tests from Pampa Aullugas come back negative.
  • 2008, September, Sean - Met with Dr. Karumudi again and he agrees to be Levitee's academic collaborator on a reproduction of the Shawyer cavity.
  • 2008, October, Sean - First twenty proofing copies of Contactee - Was Daniel W. Fry telling the Truth? are printed and mailed. A contract worth $10K CND with the University of Alberta and Dr. Karumudi is signed.
  • 2009, January, Sean - The Levitee computer for doing the microwave field simulations is delivered to the University. Simulations start on the G-Zero experiment, coincidentally named because experiments A through F had been done already.
  • 2009, April, Sean - Tests confirm that the CST Microwave Studio simulations can be created and work in the real world including the use of commercial grade magnetrons. Design of an intermediate resonating cavity begins.
  • 2009, July, Sean - The intermediate resonating cavity is designed, simulated and tested. It does not move. The paper entitled, "基于量子理论的无工质微波推进性能计算分析" from Northwestern Polytechnical University published in the Journal of Astronautics, is found and read.
  • 2009, August, Sean - A nearly identical duplication of Shawyer's "Demonstrator Engine" is simulated. Large breaks are taken to generate funds through web programming.
  • 2010, August, Sean - The first 3D printed plastic cavity is finished and tested at the university. The cavity's Q is orders of magnitude too low to make the cavity worth testing.
  • 2010, December, Sean - An aluminum cavity with copper plating, is ordered from emachineshops.com.
  • 2012, March, Sean - Talked to Roger Shawyer and got recommendations on what to fix on the cavity.
  • 2013, March, Sean - Stopped research on EMdrive duplication as it is outside my self-funded ability
  • 2014, July, NASA - completes a duplication of the EM Drive - finds positive results
  • 2016, July, Sean - Updated final results for G-zero and started research into a plasma battery.